what the heck does nazive mean?


Origin: Slovak
translation of the adjective “alive” spelled naẑive.

                                    on life ⇢ alive
                                    alive ⇢ naẑive

–adjective: alive

1.       (of a person) living, not dead
“I feel alive for the first time in my life”

2.       (of a feeling or quality) continuing in existence
“This coconut water is keeping me alive.”

3.        (of a person or animal) alert and active; animated
“She comes alive when she is out in nature”

who is behind it?

My name is Cait Misencik. For as long as I can remember I’ve immersed myself in creative, nutritional, & fitness pursuits. With a bachelor’s degree in modern & contemporary art history, a professional background in digital marketing & social media, & a passion for living an active life, I was ready to somehow combine them all to inspire people by the time I turned twenty-five. But for years one passion always seem to be pushed out for the sake of another. Finally, in the spring of 2015, I found a way to unite them. The concept of nazive (nah-jee-vay) was formed. The term itself was inspired by my Slovak heritage, & is spelled nažive when writing in proper Slovak.
But what is up with naming a website with an adjective?? Why not make it my own name or a catchy phrase or something generic?

It all started in 2013. As each day passed from college into my adulthood, I noticed more and more people simply settling into the life they didn't imagine for themselves. They let go of their dreams, slowly sliding into a routine that didn't resemble the life they truly wanted to be living. I realized that I needed to do something, anything, to help people stay on track to live a more fulfilling existence.

We need to understand that having a fulfilled life is not simply having a beating heart or a healthy brain. A body with a working brain & heart can still wake up, eat a nutrition-less breakfast, hunch over in front of a computer all day, come home & watch TV the rest of the night before starting it all over. Being fully alive is getting out of this routine. It is dancing to music, taking a plunge into the ocean, learning a new skill, signing up for your first triathlon, laughing with friends, cooking nutritious food, painting your first piece of art, feeling well-rested, talking to strangers, traveling to a foreign country, stretching your muscles, & coming back to your breath.

Being alive means being so in love with your life that you grab it by the collar, pull it into a headlock, & seize the hell out of it. It's not letting your life slip by day by day, month by month, year by year in front of a computer or TV, never moving and eating shit food. It is not a generic blog or catchy phrase. It is the entire being of nazive. This website will inspire, support, & guide you to feel nazive again.