1.       Please note that the blog of nazive expresses thoughts & opinions that are solely my own. In no way are these thoughts & opinions representations of the individuals, clients, or brands that I serve in a professional manner.

2.       Please be advised: The blog of nazive speaks “real talk”; sometimes using vulgar humor, curse words, or speaking about controversial subjects. What does this mean for you? Real talk means that some (but definitely not all) posts contain material & language that can be offensive to some readers. If you are offended, simply discontinue reading & find a more PC blog to follow OR only work with nazive on a strictly professional level without reading the blog.

3.       I am currently in the process of becoming a certified sports nutrition specialist & am not certified yet. While I am working on my certification, I am offering extreme discount pricing on any nutritional counseling based on the information that I have already learned. I do not consider myself a professional in this field as of yet, & therefore any advice that I give on my blog or in a consultation should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional before integrating into your own life.

4.       I am a Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor from CorePower Yoga.  Click here to see my certificate for Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training and here for my certification of Yoga Sculpt Extensions. If you are interested in private or corporate yoga sessions, please fill out a form here.

5.       All photos are my own unless stated otherwise. Feel free to share these photos on any or all social media outlets, but please share credit.  Just remember - copyright karma is a bitch.